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Providing custom in-home care plans since 2010

Locally Owned In-Home Care Company Kansas City

A more personalized approach to elder care in Kansas City.

Whether your loved one needs temporary assistance or long-term care, we provide reliable support through a custom in-home care plan unique to your family’s situation and specific needs. Our goal is keeping the person(s) needing care in a comfortable environment within their own home that’s safer and easier than ever before – while also paying special attention to any challenges that may be involved with their current condition.

We treat you, and your loved one, like family.

Every family we care for becomes an extension of our family; treating each with the level of love and respect we do our own. This includes being as patient, assertive, fun, understanding, or careful as each situation calls for. Sometimes in life, you can only rely on family and friends to be there when you need help. That’s why we started our company. We went through a time in our life when we were blessed with amazing assistance from family and friends. Without those ‘helping hands’ we would have had a difficult time. With every family throughout the Kansas City area we provide in-home care services for, we aspire to meet the same level of love and care we received at a time when we needed help the most.

An in-home care plan that is truly ‘custom to you’.

Our belief is that every client we care for requires a custom plan specifically addressing his/her needs. This belief is part of the principles we founded our company on six years ago. At the time, we were one of the few home care service companies providing in-home care services through custom care plans.

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