What Is Custom In-Home Care?

A different approach to caregiving

We were one of the first to specialize in providing custom in-home care services.

Being fully committed to the families we provide home care services for is extremely important to us. This commitment carries through to the process of properly identifying your loved one’s unique needs and then developing a custom home care plan that meets those needs.

When we started our agency in 2010, we were one of the only companies in the region actively providing home care services through custom in-home care plans. We believe we were a leader in this method of thinking. And as a result, continue to be a leader in how custom caregiving is evolving.

Why would a company provide care for everyone the same way when each person has different needs?

Simply put, this is what makes us different: We never provide the exact same home care plan for each person we care for. We understand your loved one’s situation, their personality, and what they like and don’t like are probably different than someone else’s. So the first time we meet with you (during the in-home assessment), we ask questions and intently listen to make certain we completely understand your family’s situation and needs. Armed with this detailed information we are able to develop a custom home care plan specific to both your family and the person(s) in need of care.

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