Our Commitment

We take our caregiver responsibilities seriously

Being wholeheartedly committed to the families we care for comes naturally and from the heart.

We take our pledge of commitment to providing the most thoughtful, careful, and professional home care service seriously. Which means you can rely on us to take the extra steps and added attention needed to keep your loved one living safe and comfortable in their own home.

Our commitment to you:

  • To begin, we establish a safe environment for you and your family. This may be small fixes around the house to prevent injuries, simple cleaning, or possibly installing helpful devices for added mobility or safety.
  • We will always be honest in our recommendations and assessments of your family and your loved one’s situation and level of home care needed. And that honesty will always relate to the best interests of the person(s) whom we are providing in-home care for. This carries over to the simple fact there are some situations where our type of services may not meet your needs – and if this is the case, we will help you connect with a home health agency or hospice support.
  • We pledge to match your loved one with the best suited caregiver or team of caregivers – depending on the situation. And that the caregiver(s) you see will continue to be the same familiar smiling face(s) while they are employed with us or unless your situation or needs change and require the expertise of another one of our caregivers.
  • We will be professional in our actions, words, and expressions around your family.
  • We will be on-time and reliable with the level of in-home care we provide.
  • We will always treat you and your loved ones like family.

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