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Alysha & Dan Jackson

Alysha & Dan Jackson - owners of Premier Custom Care

We started this company because we were once in a difficult situation and needed help too – help that was difficult to find beyond our closest family and friends.

Premier Custom Care was created by Alysha and Dan Jackson; our son Bennett was born early without notice and/or reason. Our family was blessed with amazing assistance from family and friends. Such support demonstrated the value of care, not just for our newborn, but the entire family. “Helping hands” making meals and snacks available, cleaning the home, doing laundry, taking turns driving “mom” and/or visitors to the hospital, or even grabbing the mail/paper from the front yard allowed us to focus all our attention on Bennett’s health and wellbeing.

Surviving the long NICU stay of nearly 8 weeks, the struggles returning to career world and the efforts spent getting life back to “normal”, would never have been possible without assistance from family and friends.

Inspired by the kindness we encountered, we began discussing how to use this experience to help families through similar challenges. Our discussions included all aspects of care and the strain relying solely on family and friends can cause: the hurdles grandparents and parents were encountering; long distances between family members creating obstacles; family and friends with terminal or long term illnesses; and, the ensuing trials and need for relief. A consistent theme was developing: This is a need for everyone.

After much deliberation, Premier Custom Care became the answer: a home care service business providing custom caregiving assistance for people needing help. Whether care is needed due to injury, surgery, or simply, life challenges, we want to be the family you trust to take care of your family.

In recent years, we have even had the privilege of taking care of our own family. My grandmother (95 years young) needed assistance getting to appointments, shopping, and just having the opportunity to go somewhere new for lunch. My father (74 years) newly diagnosed with early on-set dementia requires 24/7 care. He has always been a private person and facility living would not be a good fit for him. We manage all of his affairs from meals, personal care, doctor’s appointments, his activities of daily living, as well as maintain his home. Dan and I could not do all of this for him without our fantastic team of caregivers.

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