Our Custom In-Home Care Process

Begins with taking the time to listen & learn

We take the extra time needed to ensure a safe home environment and develop a truly ‘custom-to-you’ in-home care plan.

When families discover their loved one needs in-home care, that realization and the following determination of what level of home care services are needed can be a difficult process. We try and make it a little easier by carefully listening and offering experience backed recommendations through a custom in-home care plan that should uniquely meet your family’s specific needs.

Our approach to developing your custom in-home care plan includes these 4 steps:

  1. First, is a free home care service assessment. After our initial conversation (usually over the phone) we schedule an in-home visit with you and your family where we are able to learn about your loved one’s situation and needs and go over any questions you may have. Occasionally there are situations where our type of services may not meet your needs – and what you need is a home health agency or hospice support. If this is the case we will always be honest in our assessment and be happy to help connect your family with another solution.
  2. We then develop our recommendations for the custom in-home care plan and review with you. We take the information received during the assessment and combine with our experience, to develop a custom care plan unique to your family and your loved one. This plan includes considerations like day-to-day routines, long-term goals, ambitions, and any therapy directions. During a follow-up meeting, we review the recommended care plan and answer any questions you may have.
  3. Next we match your loved one with the best suited caregiver, or team of caregivers – depending on the unique situation and needs. Our internal process of choosing the best caregiver (or team) for your loved one involves taking personalities, needs, and qualifications into consideration. This is an important step because preferably we want to choose the right caregiver(s) from the start so your family is always seeing the same smiling face or faces (if your loved one needs a team of caregivers).
  4. Before care begins, we take the extra steps needed to ensure your loved one’s home environment is safe. This includes cleaning the home or taking the lead on any safety recommendations any other parties have made related to diet or home safety requirements (like picking up throw rugs, cleaning out the fridge, and filling out emergency contact forms).

Throughout the course of us fulfilling your loved one’s custom care plan we continually monitor their progress and make notes in their care journal and your online Family Room portal – which is available for you to review online 24/7. Our care journal notes also give us progressive information on updating levels of care as goals are reached or new challenges arise.

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