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Child Care Kansas City

Whether your family is in need of short or long-term assistance, we can be there for you to provide reliable and compassionate support.

We personally know how it feels to have people you can count on for assistance and support – especially when children are involved. Our experience working with seniors and some of the core values we pride ourselves by, being patient, assertive, and compassionate, help in providing childcare to families throughout the Kansas City area.

Depending on your unique child care needs, our custom in-home care services can be useful to families in these situations:

  • Sick children not able to attend traditional day care for the day.
  • New to the Kansas City area.
  • On a ‘wait’ list for a particular day care facility.
  • Disabled children who require more comfortable/feasible care within your home.
  • An alternative to working with a nanny replacement service (we do not charge placement fees or additional screening charges).

We treat you, and your loved one, like family.

Every family we care for becomes an extension of our family; treating each with the level of love and respect that we do our own children. This includes being as patient, assertive, fun, understanding, or careful as each situation calls for. Sometimes family and friends are the only people you can count on to be there when you need help. We went through a time in our life when our son Bennett was born early without notice and/or reason. Without the ‘helping hands’ of family and friends, we would have had a difficult time. That’s why we started the business. To provide family-like support when help is needed. With every family throughout the Kansas City area we provide child care services for, we aspire to meet the same level of love and care we received at a time when we needed help the most.

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