Hospice Care Support / End of Life Care

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We’re here to help your family during end of life care; it may be short supplemental visits or 24/7 home care when your loved one is receiving hospice care services.

When a senior needs hospice care, families do not always realize home hospice services may only be short visits and not 24 hours a day. The focus of hospice care is to be there at times they need to be, and provide comfort for patient and family. For us, our focus is being available for your family 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, if that is what the situation calls for, to ensure your loved one is able to safely and comfortably continue to live in their own home.

If your loved one is near the end of their life, (if possible) being able to let them spend their remaining days in their own home can be a blessing for him or her, but a big commitment for the family. In these situations, we are able to provide support through a custom end-of-life care plan so your family is able to spend time with the loved one without worrying about duties like housekeeping, meals, and bathing.

Throughout the course of us fulfilling your loved one’s custom care plan we continually monitor their progress and make notes in their care journal and your online Family Room portal – which is available for you to review online 24/7. Our care journal notes also give families progressive information on updating levels of care if new challenges arise or hospice instructions change. This is especially useful in situations requiring hospice support or end-of-life care, giving us the capability to better work together with the hospice agency or medical provider.

Depending on your family’s unique hospice care support or end-of-life care needs, our custom home care plans often include some level of these different home care services:

  • Personal Care Services: Grooming, mobility assistance, medication reminders, and assistance in feeding.
  • Household Help Services: Light housekeeping and cleaning, meal preparation, and providing transportation.
  • Support Services: Assistance in following the hospice prescribed schedules for rehab, meals, and medicine.

For a full description of the different care services that may be included in your loved one’s custom care plan, click here.


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