Neuromuscular Diseases & Disorders Care

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If a loved one is losing their physical abilities and independence, we are able to provide personalized support to meet the unique needs of your family.

Neuromuscular diseases and disorders come in many forms and can affect people of any age in different ways. We frequently provide care for people with Parkinson’s, Lewy Body dementia, Muscular Sclerosis. Every person is affected differently. Some will have mobility issues and consistently need assistance with moving from a stopped position, yet others may be able to go to work and just need help getting dressed and preparing meals. Our personalized approach to in-home care is well suited for these varying needs and varying levels of support you may need. Whether you or a family member is the primary caregiver and relief is needed from time-to-time or you need us to provide 24/7 in-home care, we’re here for your family in any non-medical form that help is needed.

Before care begins, we schedule an in-home visit with you and your family in which we are able to learn about your situation and needs and go over any questions you may have. We take as much time as needed to ensure we completely understand your specific needs so we’re able to recommend the best ‘custom to you’ in-home care plan to address those needs. Our main objective is keeping the person needing care in a safe and comfortable environment in their own home. When providing home services to families that have a loved one with a neuromuscular disease or disorder, providing support and relief to you and your family is also extremely important.

In providing non-medical in-home care specific to neuromuscular diseases and disorders, we can assist in:

  • Providing direction to improve accessibility throughout the home.
  • Getting ready for the day.
  • Maintaining weight through preparation of medical provider instructed food and special diets.
  • Execution of recommended therapy and exercises.
  • Daily interactions through conversations, games, and activities.
  • Temporary transportation to therapeutic or medical appointments.
  • Providing temporary relief for the primary caregiver through our respite care services (learn more about respite care by clicking here).
  • Hospice support / End-of-life care (learn more about our hospice support/end-of-life care services by clicking here).


For a full description of the different care services that may be included in your family’s custom care plan, click here.

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