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When relief is needed, we’re here for you, providing support while you’re away.

Many family members choose to be the sole primary caregiver for their loved one. Whether it’s for financial or emotional reasons, everyone needs a break at some point. The break could be as long as a week vacation or as short as an hour trip to the store to buy some things for your family. If this describes your situation, you know being the primary caregiver can be equal parts rewarding and draining. And if you don’t have enough willing or trained family support, you can count on us when you need that break.

Through our respite care services, primary caregivers can find relief from stress and help mitigate the chances of getting burned out.

We can provide you respite through in-home care visits covering blocks of time (by the hour) or larger timeframes for longer relief or vacations. Our approach to home care services is well suited to those families needing respite care because all of our care services include a ‘custom to you’ care plan developed specifically to meet your unique needs.

Respite care services can apply to families when they are faced with a health challenge and need temporary help.

Some of our clients are still working in the community and may not have family close or available. When they are facing health challenges, we can step in and help get them back on their feet. We work with clients recovering from conventional procedures like rotator cuff surgery, knee replacements, hip replacements, cancer treatments, dental work, etc. These clients have the advantage of being able to schedule their procedures in advance. We build a calendar to cover all needs and plan to flex if we need to alter services when a recovery goes faster than planned.

We treat you, and your loved one, like family.

Every family we care for becomes an extension of our family; treating each with the level of love and respect that we do our own children. This includes being as patient, assertive, fun, understanding, or careful as each situation calls for. Sometimes family and friends are the only people you can count on to be there when you need help. We went through a time in our life when our son Bennett was born early without notice and/or reason. Without the ‘helping hands’ of family and friends, we would have had a difficult time. That’s why we started the business. To provide family-like support when help is needed. With every family throughout the Kansas City area we provide child care services for, we aspire to meet the same level of love and care we received at a time when we needed help the most.

For a full description of the different care services that can be provided while we’re giving you relief from your normal primary caregiving duties, click here.


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