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For however much time is needed, we’re available to help your family manage the road to recovery.

We know the commitment a family must make after a loved one comes back home from the hospital or a rehab facility can be too much to handle without outside help. Coming home can cause emotional and physical strain, home health companies and rehab therapists often have a list of several tasks needed to make the transition from hospital to home safe. In addition there could be detailed instructions on diet, medicine, and exercise to follow to help your loved one recover their original level of mobility or improve their current condition.

At times like these, we’re here for support. We are able to quickly step in with our caregiving experience to provide reliable support and compassionate transitional care services; implementing the custom home care plan and meeting the specific needs of your loved one’s road to recovery. If you would like to read more about our process in developing your loved one’s custom transitional care plan, click here.

Depending on your family’s unique transitional care needs, our custom home care plans often include some level of these different home care services:

Personal Care Services:

Bathing, Grooming and Hygiene Guidance

We assist with tasks like general bathing, oral and dental hygiene, shampooing and/or styling hair, filing and/or cleaning nails, and getting dressed. This can be part of our daily personal care services or a separate service of a morning “wake-up” or getting ready for bedtime “tuck-in”.


We provide assistance in getting ready for the day or for bedtime; including: wake-up, assistance with bathing and grooming, making sure clothing is appropriate for the weather/occasion, room temperature is comfortable, liquids are readily available, and offering a nutritious breakfast or pre-bedtime snack. With wake-up services, bed making/linen changing and straightening bathroom and bedroom areas will be incorporated. With tuck-in services, we also make sure the house is secure for the night and the general living space is tidy.

Mobility Assistance

We provide mobility assistance in getting to the sitting/standing position and from room to room. This process is done keeping in mind final placement as well as the actual moving, for instance, watching pressure points and/or sore areas, plus posture for breathing and digestion. We also track progress and notify proper contacts if condition is worsening or changing.

Medication Reminders

We develop a reminder system for medications and prescription refills. But do not fill/refill medication boxes or administer medications. According to both Kansas and Missouri State Law, only trained and licensed Certified Nursing Assistants, Certified Medical Assistants, Certified Medical Technicians, Registered Nurses, Physicians Assistants, etc. are able to help a family member with medications.

Toileting and Incontinence Care

This type of personal care is handled with the utmost sensitivity to your loved one’s situation and needs.

Feeding and/or Special Diets

In many cases the person needing care may not be able/ready to feed themself. We are conscious of the emotional difficulty this can create and strive to make it an engaging social situation. At the same time, we are cognizant of special diet demands of each specific case. For example, needs of clients with a long-term dietary issue such as diabetes versus someone recovering from a stroke.

Household Help Services:

Errands and Household Duties

These include and are not limited to grocery shopping, shopping in general, trips to the post office, or picking up prescriptions. We will also help in organizing mail, extracting coupons, bill paying, etc.

Light Housekeeping

We manage the particulars of keeping the home running smoothly: vacuuming, dusting, mopping, washing floors, cleaning interior windows (without a ladder), cleaning bathrooms (sinks, tubs, showers and toilets), cleaning kitchens (sinks, appliances, counters, trash removal), changing linens and/or making beds, caring for house plants, taking trash out, re-organizing closets and drawers, and helping with any organization/clean up to make a safer, more convenient living environment.

Light Gardening

For those loved ones that get joy out of a nice garden, we help with watering, planting pots, light weeding, and sweeping walkways.

Laundry & Ironing

This can be done in home or taken to a facility of the family’s choice. All laundry is done according to personal preferences.

Meal Preparation

Preparing meals can be an engaging and learning process for families. We are able to make, supply or help families prepare nutritious, hot and/or cold meals.

Incidental Transportation

We’ll provide transportation to get those receiving care services to their daily living appointments. Examples may include: salon/barber appointments, doctor appointments, shopping, and social engagements.

Managing Contractors/Service Calls

Whether these are typical/seasonal maintenance calls, emergency issues; our caregivers are trustworthy advocates and arrange details for our families.

Companion Care Services:

Conversation and Companionship

This may be in the home or in the community. We help the families we care for stay involved, and if physically able we get them to any and all activities they are able to attend. We help find new topics and activities that may be of interest too – which may include card and board games, puzzles and/or simply one-on-one conversations.

Hospital or Rehabilitation Visits

This could be simply personal visits to keep those receiving care services from being “a bed” in the hospital and/or be an advocate when family can’t be there. We will be there for personal company, communication with hospital staff, entertainment, meal assistance, and/or household help.

Exercise and/or Wellness Activities

Maybe you already have an established routine or therapy instructions. If the weather is pleasant and allows for a walk, we will be there for you promoting exercise and wellness activities. We think working out is always more fun, and safer, with a caregiver.

Meals and/or Social Engagements

We keep our families involved in the community and everyday life by helping them go to their outings, dinners, events, community center activities, church socials, etc.

Communication with Family and Friends

If physical ailments limit communication, we are available to assist with phone calls, Skype calls, Facetime, email, written correspondence, etc. This can be a great added care service if you have difficulty getting your family member to understand or trying communication on the computer through Facebook, Email, Skype, Facetime, etc.

Live-in Care Services:

Our Live-in Services provide a tailored approach for families requiring more consistent or round-the-clock help. We will be on site (live in the home) for daily in-home care service delineated by the family. Situational examples may include: Family out of town, coming home from rehabilitation or hospital stays, or a need for more constant assistance. Live-in services establish immediate comfort and safety in the home, and offer families not close to the person receiving care peace of mind.

24/7 In-Home Care Services:

Our 24/7 In-Home Care is for families requiring caregivers to be fully engaged for 24 hours without a rest or break. We accommodate these needs by providing customized care solutions for families which may involve one caregiver for a 24 hour period relieved by another 24 hour caregiver or different caregivers visiting for shorter times. Situational examples may include: Family out of town, coming home from rehabilitation or hospital stay, or a need for more constant assistance.

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