Making Caregiving a Career

Making caregiving a career

October 25, 2022

If you found this article, then you’re probably thinking about becoming a caregiver. If this is you, becoming a caregiver and continuing to make it your career for many years, requires a really special person. We obviously love what we do, and encourage any other special people to consider a career serving others as well. It can be tough at times, but it comes with so many heart filling and positive benefits, that it makes even the toughest days worth it. As you consider making a transition into caregiving, here are just a few of the many benefits that come along with it.

Building Positive Relationships

Everyday you get the opportunity to communicate and have fun with someone that needs it. With each day and each experience, your connection with the client deepens. Usually the client is so happy you’re helping them continue to live in their own home. The resulting positive energy continually fills you with happiness.

Improving Quality of Life

Losing the ability or needing help to perform daily functions while in your own home can be difficult for clients to process, and is something no one wants to happen to them. As a caregiver, you’re helping them continue to live in their own home, which means A LOT to them. And beyond that, you’ll be helping them feel a level of normalcy and enjoy their day more as you improve their quality of life through tasks like meal prep and social activities.

Serving Those in Need of Love and Care

Because of our family-like culture at Premier Custom Care, leading your day by knowing you’re offering companionship to someone who needs it is rewarding. You’re helping serve others in unique and humble ways to provide love and care to those that are missing it. This also helps their family know they are in good hands. You are making a difference everyday at your job, which not only shows in your client’s life, but their family’s, too.

At Premier Custom Care, we make sure not only our clients are taken care of, but also our Caregivers. Our caregiving team is provided with a generous benefits package that includes:

  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Healthcare Insurance
  • Retirement Benefits
  • Autonomy – You’ll have more of a direct effect and contribution on a person’s custom caregiving plan than you would working for a large health system or franchise agency.
  • Competitive Pay – Our caregivers average $14-$17/hr depending on experience; average weekly hours at 40 hrs + potential for overtime (for full-time) and 10-30 hrs (for part-time); so for full-time, that’s $560-$680/week!
  • Continued Education units for CNAs and Home Health Aides

Learn more about pursuing a career of caregiving at Premier Custom Care by visiting our Careers page and applying today!